Religious Education Program

Welcome to Our Lady of the Cape’s Religious Education Program.

The Mission of the Religious Education Program of Our Lady of the Cape Parish is to assist parents in the religious, moral, and spiritual formation of their children. Parents are the primary educators of their children, teaching by word and example. Our parish catechists support the parents and students by providing quality religious education in a nurturing, faith-filled environment.


Watch for information on Mommy and Me playgroups, once protocols allow.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Our program offers a short weekly video lesson and activity to be completed by the student and family at the convenience, plus an optional in-person learning experience held one Sunday per month, following 8:30 am Mass, from 9:30- 11 am. Social distancing and masks must be observed. Classes are grouped as grades K-3, 4-5, 6-8 and 9-10 (Confirmation).


First Communion

First Communion and First Reconciliation are celebrated in the 2nd Grade. Children must have attended religious education in the 1st grade prior to entering the 2nd grade first communion class. Communion specific sessions, ending in May, are in addition to weekly lessons. Sessions for older children wishing to celebrate sacraments are also offered.


We confirm our candidates in the 10th grade. Our 2-year program begins in the 9th grade.

· Confirmation I sessions are offered virtually and on various Sunday mornings 9:30-11AM ending in May. There are also additional events and service projects.

· Confirmation II sessions are offered virtually and on various Sunday mornings 9:30-11AM ending in March. Sessions include a combination of lessons, community service and a 2-night retreat (as COVID restrictions allow).

Religious Education Weekly Lesson

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