Congratulations on your new baby!

Parish registration and a parent class is required. Our Baptismal Preparation Classes are once per quarter. Baptisms are celebrated once per month. Please call parish office three months prior to the baptism (child need not yet be born) for more information and dates. 

With respect to scheduling a baptism at Our Lady of the Cape, please let me know if this is your first or second child. If so, you will need to attend one of our baptism workshops if it has been more than 4 years since your first class.

If you are not a parishioner, you may receive the instruction elsewhere and then send us a letter/certificate from the other parish stating you received the baptism instruction.  After baptism instruction has been given, then the baptism can be held at Our Lady of the Cape. 

Baptisms are held on a Sunday once a month at 11:00 AM at Our Lady of the Cape Church, 468 Stony Brook Road, Brewster, MA. Your extended family and guests are welcome to our 10:00 AM Mass. We will need to receive (via email to me) the sponsor certificates from the godparents (they would obtain these from their home parishes) before the baptism is held. 

To register for the Baptism Preparation Class please email Diane Rinkacs, or call (508) 385-3252 x14.