Our Lady of the Cape offers a wide range of activities and events for teens.  These tend to have one or more of the following characteristics: social justice themed, formation of our youth for the future of our Church, community building.  We welcome all youths regardless of whether they are members of our parish.  So come and bring your friends!  

For information on any of our activities or events please contact either Vicki Hatch, vickihatch.youthactivities@gmail.com, or Priscilla Silva, Director of Religious Ed, Ourladycape@comcast.net.

Mission Trip to Haiti

Thursday, March 28 to Tuesday, April 2

Fr. William will be taking a small group of teens on a mission trip to our sister parish, St. Clare’s in Desalines, Haiti.  Teens will interact with the young students in the school as well as local teens.  They will do projects helping improve the school.  There will also be time set aside for a guided tour of the area.

Please pray for our teens going to Haiti:

Max Finocchio, Josh Harris, Rhyanna Hatch, Kieran Norton, Alec Pavlakis, Shane Silva, Mary Ventura

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Great opportunity to make a difference with our elderly!

There is a great need for companions and visitors for our cognitively and physically impaired neighbors living in nursing homes.  Teens meet at Wingate the first and third Sunday of the month 3-5PM.  The nurses will choose residents that have no family or friends visiting them, many of whom have been there for several or more years.  Kids are assigned to a resident.  On an individual basis we will come up with the best possible way to spend time together, and bring a little joy.  Kids quickly learn how they can make a positive impact on someone else’s life.  Children learn from a hands on approach what it’s like to truly make a difference!

If interested please contact Amy Cuneo, amycuneo@hotmail.com

Kid’s Helping Kids & Service Projects

Friday, January 11th, 6:30-8PM

Kids get together to learn about poverty in our area and how they can make a difference.  Kids decide on service projects they will do at the meeting.

Leadership Retreat to Vermont was awsome!

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Teens Feeding the Homeless

Teens gather to make Lunches for the homeless.

Upcoming Dates:

January 18, February 22, March 22, April 26

Bring a friend!  All are Welcome!


Teens should bring:

1+ Loaf of bread

AND 1+ of the following:

1) Lunch meat and cheese

2) Peanut Butter & Jelly

3) 3 packages of cookies

4) Large bag of fruit


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Thank you to all who helped at this year’s Ragnar.  This is a big fundraiser for our Mission Trips.

Ragnar Proceeds support our mission trips!

Please contact Priscilla, ourladycape@comast.net or Vicki Hatch, vickihatch.youthactivities@gmail.com