Our Lady of the Cape offers a wide range of activities and events for teens.  These tend to have one or more of the following characteristics: social justice themed, formation of our youth for the future of our Church, community building.  We welcome all youths regardless of whether they are members of our parish.  So come and bring your friends!  

For information on any of our activities or events please contact either Vicki Hatch, vickihatch.youthactivities@gmail.com, or Priscilla Silva, Director of Religious Ed, Ourladycape@comcast.net.

Mission Trip to Haiti

Thursday, March 28 to Tuesday, April 2

Fr. William will be taking a small group of teens on a mission trip to our sister parish, St. Clare’s in Desalines, Haiti.  Teens will interact with the young students in the school as well as local teens.  They will do projects helping improve the school.  There will also be time set aside for a guided tour of the area.

Interested teens should contact Priscilla Silva, ourladycape@comcast.net, 508-385-2115.

Cost will be determined based on fundraising efforts.

  • Haiti 1
  • Haiti 2
  • Haiti 3
  • Haiti 4
  • Haiti 5
  • Haiti 6
  • Haiti 7
  • Haiti 8


Thank you to all who helped at this year’s Ragnar.  This is a big fundraiser for our Mission Trips.

Ragnar Proceeds support our mission trips!

Please contact Priscilla, ourladycape@comast.net or Vicki Hatch, vickihatch.youthactivities@gmail.com

Fundraiser at Guapos was a great sucess!

Thank you to all who turned out to support our Youth Mission Trips!


Kids Helping Kids

Friday, October 12th, 6:30PM

Kids Bake Off Challenge

Saturday, October 27th, 5-7PM

For more information contact

Vicki Hatch


Leadership Retreat to Vermont was awsome!

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Teens Feeding the Homeless 

Friday, September 21st, 5:30PM

Friday, October 26th, 5:30PM

Friday, November 23rd, 5:30PM

Friday, December 21st, 5:30PM

 Bring a friend!

Each Teen brings:

  • 1+ Loaf of bread

& 1+ of the following:

  • Cold Cuts & Cheese
  • Large Bag of Fruit
  • 3 Packages of Cookies or the equivalent
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

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