Our Lady of the Cape Catholic Church

God calls all people to make a sacred journey through life.
 Our Lady of the Cape Parish gathers such pilgrims.

Together in the Spirit:
We are nourished by Jesus' word and sacrament when we gather as a community to pray with and for one another. We live our faith by welcoming, educating, extending care to those in need and respecting each other's differences. We enrich our parish life by celebrating spiritually and socially

with hearts open to the deeper knowledge of the ways of the Lord, may the Spirit bring us to "...the length, the height, the depth and the breadth of Christ's love, so that we may be completely filled with the very nature of God"

(Ephesians 3:18-19)

Rev.Dr William V. Kaliyadan, M.S., Pastor
Rev. John Dolan, M.S.
Rev. Raymond Vaillancourt, M.S

To contact Our Lady of the Cape please email ourladyofthecapebrewster@gmail.com.

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Our Lady of the Cape is one of the Cape Cod Churches.

The Immaculate Conception Church is one of the Cape Cod Churches