Parishioners of Our Lady of the Cape:
We are excited to be meeting in person and we invite you to view the details below about what to expect at Mass at Our Lady of the Cape and Immaculate Conception Chapel, in light of the recent updated health advisories by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the lifting of State COVID-19 restrictions. Effective on May 29, 2021, these changes are a welcome sign that the long-awaited return to a normal way is at last upon us.  We welcome you to worship with us!

Common Questions

What will seating look like?
Indoor seating capacity is increased to 100%; therefore, any previously roped off” pews can be opened for use.  Parishioners who have not been vaccinated and who are not from the same household should be encouraged to maintain physical distance from others in the pews.

What sanitation measures will be in place?
Parishioners should use hand-sanitizer upon entering and exiting the church. Use of hand sanitizers by all Ministers of Holy Communion before and after the distribution of  Holy Communion. Our staff frequently disinfects surfaces throughout OLC churches and parish buildings. Proper cleaning and normal sanitation practices will be carried out, although sanitation may not occur after each mass.

What about face coverings? With regard to masks, those who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a mask to attend Mass or any other liturgical or social functions held on parish property. Those who are fully vaccinated are free and welcome to continue to wear masks if they choose to do so.

What if I’m considered high-risk? If you or someone in your family is considered high-risk for severe illness and are not comfortable attending Mass with unmasked parishioners, we encourage you to worship online at the livestream of daily and weekend masses. See

What if I don’t feel comfortable coming in person yet? The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays remains in effect in the Fall  River Diocese at this time. We encourage you to worship online at the livestream of daily and weekend masses. See

What will I notice at Mass?
• Liturgical processions will return.
• Hymnals and worship aids will be available in the pews.
• Congregational singing is welcome.
• Holy Water fonts will be filled.
• Long handles offertory baskets will continue. Thank you for your continued generosity.
• The Sign of Peace should be done without  physical contact, but instead by word or gesture, for those who are not from the same household.
• Communion will be received only in the hand from the Priest who will gently drop the consecrated host in your hand.  Distribution of the Precious Blood to the Faithful will remain suspended.
• The participation of altar servers, lectors, and Eucharistic ministers will resume. Altar servers will continue to wear masks. Contact the parish office for information on assisting in these ministries.
What else? We will continue to allow for proper ventilation and increased airflow and HVAC filtration. Please avoid unnecessary crowding at the entrances and aisles of the church whenever possible.
Parishioners who have not been vaccinated and who are not from the same household should be encouraged to wear a mask and maintain physical distance from others in the pews.

Are the Parish Offices open? Yes, offices are open from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, for your assistance.

Will meetings and ministries come together? Parish ministries will begin to meet again, following the same guidelines as Mass. Watch for upcoming plans and schedules.
We thank God for the blessings of health and the ability to welcome new and existing parishioners to the Our Lady of the Cape community. We move forward with gratitude to God for His divine assistance in getting us to this point and in prayerful remembrance of the many who have died or who have experienced tremendous suffering because of COVID-19. Let us keep our world, our country and our parishioners in our prayers, especially those who are affected by this pandemic.

Fr. William Kaliyadan, M.S.