Dear Parishioners,

In preparation of re-opening the church for public Mass on May 30/21st, out of an abundance of caution, we ask you to observe these guidelines strictly.  If you are not feeling comfortable to come to Mass on a weekend, we ask you to stay home and watch the Live Streamed Mass by going to our parish website (

For everyone’s safety we will adhere to the social distancing regulation and allow only up to 250 people at one service. Seating will be on a first come first served basis. Not all pews of the church will be open for seating. Every other pew will be blocked off. Please be patient and considerate when you see that your favorite pew is taken by someone else or blocked off.

Entrance and Exit

  • A face mask must be worn at all times including entering and exiting the church and throughout the liturgy with the brief exception of removing it to receive communion. The only exceptions are children under 2 and persons who have medical reason for not wearing a mask.

  • Sanitize your hands as soon as you enter the church and before leaving the church. Sanitizers will be provided. But you are most welcome to bring your own sanitizers and wipes.

  • As you enter the church please occupy the front pews first; Ushers will direct you to your seat.


  • Only the Cantor will be allowed to sing in order to prevent the virus being aerosolized during singing by the congregation.

  • There will neither be a solemn entrance procession nor a recessional by the celebrant and ministers.

  • The sign of peace will be shared without physical contact.

  • The collection baskets will be kept at the entrances of the church rather than passed during the Masses. Thank you for your continued financial and generosity.

Holy Communion

  • Holy Communion will be distributed after the final Blessing. After you have received Holy Communion you are required to exit the church, following the social distancing.

  • The Communion procession will be only in one line at each wing of the church and will be regulated by keeping the social distance.

  • Communicants should come one row at a time beginning with the first row and return to your cars using the side aisles.

  • Communion can be received only in the hand from the Priest who will gently drop the consecrated host in your hand.  Please step away from the Priest to consume the Body of Christ by lifting your face mask and please respond “Amen” silently.

  • During this soft opening of the Church, only the priests will be distributing Holy Communion. When pastoral need arises, we will ask help of the extra ordinary ministers to the Eucharist.

Let us keep our world, our country and our parishioners in our prayers, especially those who are affected by this pandemic, those who are most vulnerable and those who care for them.

Fr. William Kaliyadan, M.S.