Faith on Fire Program

Program Objectives:

  • To supplement the religious education program for youth at OLC with a program of faith formation including both parents and their children, in order to support and enliven the faith of parish families;
  • To equip parents in their roles as the primary teachers of faith to their children by reviewing and instructing in matters of Church teaching and Catholic life;
  • To provide the opportunity for fellowship, and enhance family involvement in and commitment toward the mission and sacramental life of the parish community, and of the Church.

Presentations from Faith on Fire

February 12th Faith on Fire

March 4th Faith on Fire

Power Point Presentation with Discussion Questions

Healing Paralytic Man


Holy Spirit

April 2nd Faith on Fire

Holy Week & Easter Triduum


2017-2018 Dates

October 1
November 5
December 3
February 11
March 4
April 29

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